SEO for beginners

It’s buzzed around the internet constantly, your email inbox is probably full of spam about it, but what exactly is SEO? Well Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your visibility within search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Google, the benchmark for the industry makes constant updates to their algorithms to ensure the results it provides to it’s users are useful and genuine. That might leave you thinking, well how can I alter them in my favour? A search engine optimisation company such as SEO Geelong can help you identify what people are actually searching for, how many people are searching for it and how to tweak your site to be visible for that term.

On page optimisation

On page optimisation involves making sure your site code is standards compliant and meets all the Google recommended guidelines. This might include use of titles, font sizes and now becoming important is responsive design meaning your site will adapt to mobile devices.

Off page optimisation

Google also considers how popular your site is by the numbers of links that point to your site from other sites. Not only that, but the importance of the site linking to you has a dramatic effect on that links impact. One link from a very popular site might be worth more than 100 links from very poor websites.

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What Is Responsive Web Design? Does Your Website Need It?

Responsive web design, commonly referred as fluid web design, is a new technique in the world of web development that is becoming very popular. However, most people don’t understand what this design is all about. After going through this article you will have a better understanding of this concept and be able to decide whether or not it makes sense for your website.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

It is the design of a website that automatically adjust itself to fit comfortably to the size of the screen of the viewer. A responsive site alters the size of its elements when it is accessed on different devices such as phone, tablet or computer. With this in mind, designers can provide different layouts for many devices to allow easier navigation

Does Your Website Need this Design?

You need to find out which devices does your target client use. If all of your traffic comes from desktop users then your site should do just well without this design. On the other hand, if your clients use a wide range of gadgets, then you have to ensure it is accessible to your visitors no matter which gadgets they are using.

The Advantages of Responsive Website Design

  • It eliminates the need to design and develop a separate mobile site. Which means there is no need to reprogram your website from scratches thus saving on time and web development costs.
  • Responsive websites resize text, images, buttons and forms to maximize screen space so as to make text is easily readable and buttons easily selectable. When accessing a standard websites on tablets or phones, it is quite tiresome to keep on using fingers to zoom the screen in and out in order to access contents.
  • Responsive websites fit with modern web design standards. Sites that are laid out only for desk top users are difficult to manage when accessed on mobile devices.
  • You only require to update your site content in one place. Content updates do not need to be done on separate websites.
  • Responsive website has a positive impact on your site’s SEO. Because the same content is used, search engines do not need to crawl both static and mobile websites.
  • Users can easily navigate to your site anywhere at any time and have an enjoyable experience instead of needing to return to your website at a later time.

The Disadvantages of Responsive Website Design

Sometimes they call for website components to be scaled down causing certain pages to be inaccessible.Some responsive sites takes longer time to load. This is because the images on a responsive site are visually scaled down and not re-sized for quick load times, tablets and smartphones can experience a lag in loading, particularly when being used on a mobile network.Since some site content are stacked vertically to fit on a screen space, crucial features can get overlooked by visitors due to long scrolling. Free woocommerce plugins.

If you are not sure if a responsive website design is good for your business, it is significant to take into account who your clients are, how they interact with your site, and where they are likely to access it. After knowing what is responsive web design, you now stand a better chance to do decide whether or not your website needs it.

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Best FTP Programs

Computer file transfer protocol (FTP) is one of the earliest methods assisting the Internet and is more typical than many people know. FTP programs are applications that live on a PC and allow fast large file exchanges between the PC and the server via different slots.

Filezilla FTP clientThey are very useful when you need to obtain or transfer more than a few files and they are essential parts for web site maintenance. You can transfer files individually or you can do it all manually via the ftp protocol using command prompt window – but the following best FTP programs will defeat that anyway. No contest! FileZilla is one of the best FTP programs for Mac, MS Windows, and Linux systems and more importantly it is open source. Due to its cost tag (or absence thereof), cross-platform assistance, and convenience thus, it is a go-to choice for many customers. Users keep around because it has many features (like distant file editing), and it is an efficient FTP client in continuous growth. There’s even a convenient edition you can throw on your flash disk to use it on the fly. Lastly, if you’re a MS windows customerscan developtheir home FTP server using it.

Transmit is a cheap ($30) FTP program loaded to the top with impressive functions. It includes all of the common suspects, such as distant file modification, directory synchronization, and plenty of Mac-centric functions like a Dash panel gadget. Mac synchronizing of your most favorite (bookmarked FTP servers), drops for fast drag-and-drop posting to preferred places, in-line previews, and automated assistance. Transfer can even be server-to-server exchanges; from one server’s tab to another’s. Despite its $30 cost tag, Transmit has even got some MS Windows customers hoping for their own edition to be available.

FireFTP is a browser extension for Firefox that combines one of the best FTP programs straight into your preferred internet browser. FireFTP isn’t the most feature-rich program of the collection, If you just need is an easy FTP program for periodic publication of materials , then FireFTP good to go. You don’t have to set up an individual system since it operates from the heated and unclear convenience of the ‘fox. If you’re operating portable browser on a flash disk, you can use it anywhere.

WinSCP, that is, MS Windows Protected Duplicate, is an open source and one among the best FTP programs for windows users. It supports both SCP and SFTP methods, itis fast, light and portable while still accommodating innovative functions like remote text modification. It can start the file using text manager of your choice when opening.It helps one store and submit changes to a distant server.

Cyberduck is an open source FTP program for Mac with assistance of regular tricks in transfer methods moreover toAmazon S3 and WebDAV. It also facilitates Growl, Quick Look, and remote modifications with a text manager of your choice. Mac customers who are not satisfied with FileZilla and don’t want to invest any money for Transfer can use this program because it is among the complete, best FTP programs one can ever find.

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Virus protection for Apple Mac users

Naturally the scourge for computer owners is viruses. Virus’es can slow down computers and can put data at risk with a variety of problems that stop the natural efficiency of the computer. Most people wisely have an antivirus program they use on their computer There are many products you can use to protect your mac. Virus protection for apple mac can be accomplished by a few different programs, but evaluating the methods by reading reviews are the best way to go. Some users insist that just using the virus program that comes with the mac is important to do.

Norton’s anti virus program for mac’s promises a great deal of protection for your mac as well. It promises it will block viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms bots and rootkits. These are just some of the thins that your antivirus program should do for you.A an award winning virus program of note is as follows; it is Kromtech’s mackeeper. this is something that is specifically designed or the mac it will make sure you can get the options you need to protect the mac from the many sorts of malware, trojans and the like that will interfere with the performance of your computer. It has won awards as providing the best protection for mac but at almost 60 dollars it is nearly a third more than other programs. You can get the help you need and can take advantage of to make sure your computer is protected from harm at all times. many people will use this virus protection to make sure that you can get the options you need.

It is not specifically necessary to get a virus protector designed for the mac, but it does help to get the specific protection that a mac might need. The anti virus protection site specifically awarded the Kromtech mac protector the best virus protection out there so it is one of the thins you can use to make sure your mac is protected at all times. Those who choose to use this program can rest assured they have a top rated program. Norton also makes anti virus programs specifically designed with mac’s in mind. they are affordable programs you can use.

Make sure that you nee the options that you need for virus protection,OS X versions 10.6.7 and later have built-in detection of known Mac malware in downloaded files. Thes seems to be the choice for mac users overall or the reason it is has some different options that users can take advantage of. Other options that individuals may wish to use when they are looking for a virus protection program for a mac my want to consider the Norton Anti virus program or mac. Users from the insider forums of mac claim that this the best and the most reliable form of protection for the mac. many people will take advantage of these programs because they are a built in detecor file that does not need any additional downloads. Choose wisely when it comes to pinter.

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NBN rollout dates in Australia

National Broadband Network (NBN) Company had been entrusted with the responsibility of providing high speed internet connections to Australian Households by the Australian Federal government. NBN had come out with an original roll out program for the period 2010-2013. After the elections in September 2013 NBN had to go back to the drawing board and come out with certain modifications. NBN had come out with a phased roll out of the broadband implementation across the different states in Australia. The main objective of the phased roll out is to implement fiber optic cabling system required for transferring data, Audio and video files at high speeds over the Internet.

Current Status of NBN Roll out in Australia

NBN made an announcement in early June 2014 that it had added 167,000 homes and businesses to their build preparation phase. NBN had come with a new phase in the form of build preparation phase in order to make their progress more transparent to the Australian users. Build preparation phase essentially deals with the pre construction activities that are needed to be completed before the commencement of the physical construction work. Some of the important pre construction activities include the preparation of Telstra pits and ducts ahead of the actual physical construction.

NBN has also created a roll out map in its web site indicating the status of the roll out in various regions across Australia. Australian consumers can actually enter their actual residential address and check the status of the NBN roll out. This roll out map indicates the various stages of the roll out. The three main stages of the roll out include

1. Build Preparation stage
2. Build commenced stage
3. Build completed and service made available

Navigating through the roll out map

Australian consumers interested in knowing the status of the NBN roll out in their region can read the information provided in the roll out map by giving their actual residential address information.

The roll out map can actually be read in two different views. One is the state specific view and the other is the Whole Australia view. Consumers can select the particular state to view the status of the roll out progress in their state. The different state view options provided in the map include Australian Capital territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), Northern Territory (NT), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA).

Checking the current status in the Map

Consumers can check whether the build process has been completed and the services are readily available in their area. When a consumer selects a particular option such as the Northern Territory option, the map indicates the regions in Northern Territory, where the services are currently available, regions where the build is in progress and the region where the preparation activity is in progress. If a particular region in Northern Territory shows the status as services available, it means that the consumer can now get connected to the fiber optic broadband internet in the region where the services are available. The map also shows the type of services that are made available in the form of fixed line service available and Fixed Wireless service available.

Filtering the status in different Regions

Consumers can also use the filter options provided in the map. The different filter options include the various stages of the roll out including “service available “, “Build commenced” and “Build preparation”. Consumers can choose the option or the status to be excluded or included in the search by selecting or deselecting the particular option.

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Apple iCloud hack of celebrity accounts

Sunday evening, a unknown person posted more pictures to 4Chan, which showed a lot of celebrities in naked positions. The attacker claimed that there are pictures of more than 100 celebrities in total. Some of them, like Jennifer Lawrence, confirmed the fact that the photos are real. Others, like Victoria Justice, claimed the pictures are fake.
Further investigations led to the conclusion that the leak was caused by a security breach inside Apple’s iCloud service.
The hacker used a brute force attack type to gather log-in information to the celebrities Apple iCloud accounts. A brute force attack is the use of a malicious code which repeatedly sends passwords to the server until it discovers the correct one. This attack works usually for weak passwords, which also seems to be our case. Typically, all Apple applications are protected from this kind of attack, but it seems this one was not.Later that day, the hacker posted the script which he claims to have used, called “iBrute”, on the GitHub platform, allowing users to download and brute force accounts on their own. The chances are high that the same script has been used to disclose the celebrity’s accounts too.
The vulnerability took advantage of the “Find my iPhone” service which let users try to log-in into their iCloud accounts without requiring any sort of verification, despite the number of failed attempts. Once the passwords were confirmed as working, the hacker used the credentials to log into the iCloud accounts and download the stored pictures.
Though, some people are skeptical of this theory. Most hacks occur by using more advanced methods of data collecting – like script injections or cookie stealing.

Usually, after multiple failed log-in attempts, a website should require either a captcha verification or a period of time in which the log-in feature is disabled. Unfortunately, the “Find my iPhone” log-in page had none of these.
Apple released yesterday a statement to Re/code that is investigating carefully the hack. Apple also released a security update Monday, few hours after the attack, to eliminate possibility of further brute force attacks using the “Find my iPhone” application.
Today, Apple stated that the leak was not due to a flaw in the security system of any Apple application but a very targeted attack which included resetting the accounts passwords using the security questions whom answers can be found on the Internet.”None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone”, a company’s representative stated in a press release few hours ago.
Even if Apple seems to have nothing to do with this attack, they vowed to keep working with law enforcement to identify the criminals involved in the leak. Apple also advised their users to use strong passwords and enable two-step verification whenever is possible.
As from now on, FBI seems to take care of this matter. FBI reports also show the possibility that the images may have been available on the Internet for a few weeks and were taking part in a huge bidding game inside forums.

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